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Data processing at
1. Data processing

When you visit this website, little spectacular happens to your personal data.

To view the page, your IP address is processed by the web server for the duration of the visit. The services with which this site is operated store some access to these web pages for 14 days. Logged are retrieved content, incorrect login attempts and attempts to access non-existent content. Thus means, during a "normal" visit to this Internet site, your current IP is usually stored.

2. data processing takes place primarily in the EU

My web servers are located in Germany - specifically Frankfurt am Main. However, I use the cloudfront services of AWS for optimized delivery of all content. You benefit by fast loading content no matter where you are in the world. For this purpose, all content provided in the Frankfurt data center is cached on appropriate systems worldwide (proxy cache).

3. legal basis for the processing of visitor data

The legal basis for the processing of pure visitor data is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) DSGVO.

This is the so-called data processing based on a balancing of interests. My interest is the safe and functional operation of this website. Regarding your data subject rights, you can inform yourself further below in the data protection information. I do not have any personal data from you that I could assign to you and thus also provide you with information. Of course, you can still request information. I will then see if I can find any personal data about you.

The situation is different if you have written me an e-mail. Then you are no longer a simple visitor of the site, but have a communication contact with me.

Which data are processed ?
4. ip-addresses

On this website the IP addresses of visitors to the site are stored and deleted after 14 days. The logging of accesses is done primarily to prevent hacking attempts and to analyze errors.

Incidentally, the legal basis for the processing of this data with regard to visitors to this website is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. My interest here is to ensure the integrity, confidentiality and availability of the data processed via these internet pages.

5. Cookies

This website does not use cookies. Cookies are small pieces of text information that are stored as a file in the end device via your browser. Cookies are not generally bad, but allow user interaction and other useful things. Currently I do not make use of them.

6. web analytics cookies

I do not use web analytics tools. However, this site uses Google Fonts and Google Maps. Whether Google sets tracking cookies for the tracking of the font downloads and the Google Maps API is beyond my knowledge.

Through the integration, there are - for technical reasons - calls to the servers of other providers such as Google Maps. For the associated use of data from your browser or device, I refer to the respective privacy notices of the providers.

If you send a "Do Not Track Header (DNT)" via your browser, this will be taken into account by most browsers and tracking will not occur.

By the way, the legal basis for this "tracking" is Art. 6 para. 1 lit. f) DSGVO. My interest: Optimization of the content of the web pages and troubleshooting.

7. e-mail

If you send me an e-mail, this data will be stored by me. I take care that the data is secured according to the state of the art against unauthorized knowledge of third parties. Please note, however, that unencrypted e-mails sent over the Internet are not sufficiently protected against unauthorized access by third parties. For confidential communication you can use PGP/GnuPG/OpenPGP. I will gladly send you my public key on request.

8. responsible person in the sense of the DSGVO is:

Oliver Philippsen
Berner Str. 107
60437 Frankfurt am Main

Telefon: +49 (0) 69 380 979 46 30
Fax: +49 (0) 69 380 979 46 39

E-Mail: impressum (at)

9. recipient / passing on of data

Unless already mentioned above, data that you provide to me will not be passed on to third parties. In particular, your data will not be passed on to third parties for their advertising purposes.

However, I may use service providers for the operation of these Internet pages or for e-mail services, for example. Here it can happen that a service provider gets knowledge of personal data. I select my service providers carefully - especially with regard to data protection and data security - and take all measures required by data protection law for permissible data processing.

10. data processing outside the european union

Except in the above-mentioned cases, data processing outside the European Union will not be carried out by me as a matter of principle.

11. data protection officer

I take the issue of data protection particularly seriously. However, I am not legally obliged to appoint a data protection officer.

12. your rights as a data subject

You have the right to obtain information about the personal data concerning you. You can contact me for information at any time.

In the case of a request for information which is not made in writing and which cannot be verified in any other way, you must expect that I will make inquiries. I have to make sure that you are the person you claim to be.

Furthermore, you have a right to rectification or deletion or to restriction of processing, insofar as you are entitled to this by law.

You have a right to object to processing within the scope of the law. In particular, if you wish to assert a right of objection against the processing of your data on the basis of my balancing of interests, you must expect that I will examine this carefully.

Of course, you also have a right to data portability. Again, this will only be granted within the framework of the legal requirements.

13. deletion of data

I delete personal data in principle when there is no need for further storage. A requirement may exist in particular if the data is still needed to fulfill contractual services, to verify and grant or defend against warranty and, if applicable, guarantee claims. In the case of statutory retention obligations, deletion will only be considered after the expiry of the respective retention obligation.

14. Right of complaint to a supervisory authority

You have the right to complain about the processing of personal data by me to a supervisory authority for data protection.

15. change of this privacy policy

I revise this privacy policy in case of changes to this website or other occasions that make this necessary. You will always find the current version on this website.

If you have any questions about data protection, please feel free to contact me.

As of 11.01.2021